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EBS Direct

EBS Direct provides relationship-based disclosed liquidity, allowing liquidity providers to stream tailored prices direct to liquidity consumers.

Prices are separate from the anonymous prices on EBS Market but are shown on the same screen and/or through a single API connection via EBS Ai, allowing traders to execute on either disclosed or anonymous prices.

The service leverages EBS’s unparalleled network, infrastructure and global footprint to provide the FX market with a reliable, cost-effective solution that requires minimal technical implementation. It also provides customers with new relationship opportunities, added value and growth.

Liquidity consumers may access EBS Direct via the EBS Workstation, EBS Global Access (browser-based trading solution) or EBS Ai (API), which means that there are no additional setup requirements for existing EBS customers.

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  • Direct trading relationships between disclosed counterparties
  • Additional source of liquidity with global market reach
  • Opportunity to offload risk with greater certainty of execution
  • Prices viewable on the same screen as EBS Market, enabling easy selection of the execution method that suits any particular trade
  • Trading of large amounts without market impact
  • Efficient way for liquidity consumers to manage multiple bank streams
  • Leverages EBS’s secure, distributed network, robust infrastructure and global footprint
  • Minimal technical implementation
  • Support for CLS-eligible pairs
  • Effective straight through processing (STP) solutions
  • Additional access via EBS’s i-Cross colocation facilities
  • Risk - Technology Rankings 2009 & 2010
  • Winner-FX-Week - Best Banks Awards 2003-2012
  • Profit - Digital Markets Awards
  • Winner-e-FX Awards 2008, 2009 & 2011; FX-Week

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