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EBS BrokerTec brings it all together.
EBS Market

The award-winning EBS Market platform has been at the heart of the FX market for more than twenty years, and remains the benchmark for the professional FX trading community.

  • Exceptional liquidity and depth for all major currencies, precious metals and NDFs
  • Access to global counterparties and an orderly market
  • Increased certainty of trade
  • Orderly, efficient and fair access to prices for all participants
  • Market insight into true prices
  • Increased efficiency and improved risk management
  • Effective straight through processing (STP) solutions
Latest updates

CNH on EBS Market (The Redback Reporter Jan 2016)

News — 01.02.16

Darryl Hooker, Co-Head of EBS BrokerTec Markets, speaks to The Redback Reporter about EBS’s strategy to ensure it leads the way in e-traded offshore Chinese renminbi (CNH).

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ICAP Electronic Markets Volumes - November 2015

News — 03.12.15

ICAP announces the average daily volumes on its electronic platforms for November 2015.

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ICAP’s EBS BrokerTec and SGX sign collaboration agreement

News — 19.11.15

EBS BrokerTec and Singapore Exchange (SGX) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to launch SGX listed FX block futures on EBS BrokerTec’s FX central limit order book (CLOB), EBS Market, a primary venue for e-traded currencies.

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Tim Cartledge to join EBS BrokerTec as Chief Strategy Officer

News — 16.11.15

Tim Cartledge has been appointed Chief Strategy Officer, effective immediately. Tim will report to Gil Mandelzis, CEO and join both the EBS BrokerTec Executive Management Team and the ICAP Global Executive Management Group.

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