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EBS Direct

EBS Direct – a new disclosed FX liquidity service

In addition to the anonymous EBS Market, EBS now offers relationship-based disclosed liquidity on EBS Direct. Find out more.

EBS Direct
Latest updates

EBS Direct grows month-on-month since launch in November 2013

News — 15.07.14

EBS announces today that EBS Direct has averaged month-on-month growth in average daily volumes of 70% since launching in November 2013.

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EBS announces new management structure

News — 10.07.14

EBS announces today that Darryl Hooker has been appointed Head of EBS Market and Viral Tolat Global Head of Product for EBS.

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Electronic Broking: June 2014

News — 03.07.14

ICAP today announces the average daily volumes on its electronic broking platforms for June 2014.

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The e-Forex Debate (e-Forex Jul 2014)

News — 02.07.14

Justyn Trenner, Global Head of Liquidity Optimization at EBS, and industry peers discuss how client relationships are changing across the e-FX trading environment.

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