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EBS CNH Benchmark

The EBS CNH Benchmark is the first CNH daily reference rate that supports accurate and transparent benchmarking in the global derivatives and currency markets.

For information on methodology and to view the rate, select the button below;

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Latest updates

EBS BrokerTec launches EBS Live Ultra

News — 28.09.16

EBS BrokerTec announces today that it has gone live with EBS Live Ultra, its fastest FX data product to date. EBS Live Ultra has two data interval rates: 100 milliseconds, the same as the current EBS Live service but with lower latency, and a 20 milliseconds service, five times faster than the EBS Live data product.

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ICAP plc appoints Seth Johnson CEO of EBS BrokerTec

News — 09.09.16

ICAP is pleased to announce that Seth Johnson has been appointed CEO of EBS BrokerTec.

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ICAP plc announces that Gil Mandelzis has decided to step down as CEO of EBS BrokerTec

News — 21.07.16

ICAP announces that Gil Mandelzis, CEO of EBS BrokerTec, has decided to step down from his position and will be leaving the company in due course.

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Jim Iorio has joined EBS BrokerTec as Global Head of Sales

News — 19.07.16

EBS BrokerTec announces today that Jim Iorio has joined the company as Global Head of Sales and will sit on EBS BrokerTec’s Executive Management Committee.

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