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EBS BrokerTec brings it all together.
EBS Market

The award-winning EBS Market platform has been at the heart of the FX market for more than twenty years, and remains the benchmark for the professional FX trading community.

  • Exceptional liquidity and depth for all major currencies, precious metals and NDFs
  • Access to global counterparties and an orderly market
  • Increased certainty of trade
  • Orderly, efficient and fair access to prices for all participants
  • Market insight into true prices
  • Increased efficiency and improved risk management
  • Effective straight through processing (STP) solutions
Latest updates

May 2016 Public Statement – Market infrastructure

News — 26.05.16

EBS BrokerTec strongly supports the publication of the first phase of the global code of conduct (Global Code) for the wholesale foreign exchange (FX) market.

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EBS BrokerTec expands its successful NDF offering with launch of new instrument

News — 19.04.16

EBS BrokerTec announces today that in response to customer demand it has added a new non-deliverable forward (NDF) instrument – one month against the fix, to be called TOD/TOM.

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EBS Market moves towards real-time FX Market Data

News — 29.02.16

EBS BrokerTec announces today that it is redesigning its premium FX market data service, EBS Live, and will move to streaming real-time market data.

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EBS BrokerTec sees further growth in eFix Matching

News — 22.02.16

EBS BrokerTec announces today that it has launched 12 new daily WMR fixes through the eFix Matching solution, with plans to provide electronic execution for all 24 hourly WMR fixes by the end of the first quarter 2016.

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